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Jul 7, 2016 | Employee Engagement, Primalogik Updates, Real-time Feedback, Talent Management & Recognition

The Opinion Survey module within the Primalogik 360 platform can be used for Employee Engagement surveys as well as Employee Satisfaction surveys. These surveys are a key tool for HR professionals and Executive teams to gather information from their staff.

Whether you are thinking of instituting a new program or making modifications to an existing program, these surveys are a great ingredient to gather information from the affected staff about what is about to occur or what has occurred.

Depending on the change introduced, you might want to have more involvement from those employees affected. If the change will affect the way employees behave or work, the more aligned the employees are with the change the more effective the particular change becomes.

Those in leadership roles can better appreciate the impact of the changes if they have information directly coming from employees, and not only from water cooler conversations or rumours heard in the corridors.  Statistical data based on actual feedback received from those concerned can be used in many ways to adapt whatever change is to occur.

Case Study: change in health insurance plan

One of our clients used the Opinion Survey module to gauge interest about an upcoming change to the health insurance plan at their company.  The insurance company providing services to our client had a new offer that would allow employees to have more flexibility in the coverage areas they would benefit from. However, this came with the introduction of a new online system to file claims as well as some changes in associated fees.

Our client created a comprehensive survey that was administered to about 150 employees. With this survey they were able to accomplish many things, amongst them:

  1. Alert employees of upcoming changes in health insurance plan
  2. Involve employees in the decision-making process
  3. Provide open atmosphere for receiving feedback about important change
  4. Employees felt consulted and appreciated their input

Using the Opinion Survey module allowed them to conduct this particular survey with minimal effort since all users were already configured in the system, automatic alerts were sent as part of the Primalogik 360 platform, as well as a comprehensive report.

Administering an Opinion Survey

In order to administer (create or change) an Opinion Survey, it is as simple as accessing the “Opinion Surveys” option from the list of possible assessments.

Creating a new survey
You can easily create a new survey or edit an existing survey:
Editing an existing survey – key elements
The review cycle is used to provide a mechanism to identify this survey in time. If you were to conduct the same survey during different periods of time, you can use a different Review cycle for each time you administer the survey. The great benefit from doing this is that you can then use the comparison tool to compare results between different times for the same survey. This is a great time saver when analyzing large amounts of data.
The deadline allows the system to know until when respondents are allowed to log their input, but most importantly it is used by the Primalogik 360 platform to send automated reminder emails to those participants who have not yet entered their feedback.
You can also decide what level of anonymity the survey has. Depending on the survey being done you might want to allow all users with the Opinion Surveys privilege to identify respondents.
And finally, use the useful “Quick Add” functionality to add all users at once without having to individually select the employees.
When the survey is initiated an automated email is sent to all participants. The email contents are fully customizable within the application. A good email will explain the process used for gathering feedback as well as the main reason for conducting such a survey. The more explanations you have in this invitation email the higher the completion rate will be.
Once the survey is launched, participants can either follow the link provided in their email, or they can easily see the survey in their “To Do” list which shows not only the survey, but any other tasks that you might have, like 360 degree feedback forms, appraisals and any other opinion surveys that you might have been invited to.

And for the organizer of the survey, a great progress tool is displayed as well, giving you ample information with respect to participation rates:

Survey progress
Once the survey is done, a simple yet effective report is available for viewing online or to be downloaded in PDF format.



The use of surveys to know how employees feel about a particular change or any other aspect of the organization is crucial to maintain a highly engaged workforce.

As leaders of the organization, it is our responsibility to take into account the opinion of our employees when making decisions that will end up affecting them.  Happy and engaged employees will be more productive both individually and in teams. 
For more information about the Opinion Surveys module please feel free to contact us info@primalogik.com or you can request a demo and even give it a try free for a month.

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