Analytics & Reporting

Access dynamic and easy to understand reports

Use analytics and reporting to simplify performance and engagement data and measure the ROI of your performance management programs.

Dive into employee analytics

HR teams can filter through employees’ performance data to get actionable insights.
Here are some of the key data you’ll gain access to across our different dashboards.

Monitor the status of launched surveys

Don’t be left in the dark about your own processes! Access our different dashboards to see at a quick glance the state of launched surveys, appraisals and goals. With Primalogik, you can easily keep track of all ongoing activities across your organization.

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Make sense of employee performance

Uncover people’s top strengths and weaknesses to create better development plans for employees. Our 360 feedback report automatically flags potential blind spots and hidden strengths so you can address these accordingly. You can also benchmark someone’s results against another employee or team to identify gaps in competencies.

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Identify patterns in employee engagement

Making sure individuals feel content with your organization is the first step to increasing retention rate. Engagement survey reports let you break down results by location, team and job type so you can assess the level of engagement specific to each group. You can further identify patterns by comparing results of different cycles.

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Measure the ROI of performance management programs

With a better understanding of employee performance, your teams can create targeted development plans to help with individual growth. By running frequent surveys and comparing results from one cycle to the next, you’ll be able to measure this growth and assess the quality of your performance management programs.

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Access more advanced reports

Explore the additional reports available in Primalogik to get more in-depth insights about surveys, appraisals and goals. You can also use the assessment bias report to compare different people’s rating styles to ensure fairness across the organization.

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Performance Appraisals

Discuss employees’ ongoing performance, achievements and growth.

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Goals and Objectives

Boost employee engagement and maximize results with goal setting.

Goals and objectives

Instant Feedback

Empower employees to share positive and constructive feedback.

Instant feedback