Goals and OKRs

Boost engagement and maximize results with goal setting

Increase employee motivation and productivity by setting clear goals and OKRs.

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Employees and managers prioritizing goals, targets and deadlines

Create a clear path to success

Set clear and attainable goals for everyone in the organization. Define specific targets and deadlines foreach goal to let employees know what is expected of them. By doing so, employees will feel more motivated by their job. They will know exactly what they need to focus on and which tasks to prioritize.

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Break down goals into key action steps

Primalogik lets you break down goals into smaller actionable steps. This will help employees keep track of what needs to be done in order to reach them. Goals will then feel more attainable as employees will know exactly what they need to accomplish in order to successfully achieve them.

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Break down of goals into milestones or key results
Primalogik's interface displaying Goals and OKRs
Team overview allows managers to track goals for the whole team

Track goals for individual employees and teams

Goals allow people to measure their progress, and measuring progress greatly boosts morale. With Primalogik, you can view the status of an employee’s goals and monitor the progress of entire teams. You can then use these insights to let people know if they are on the right track and provide vital guidance along the way.

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Incorporate goals in performance reviews

Have your employees’ individual goals evaluated in their performance reviews. Primalogik will automatically pull their goals and include them in the review form, showing the current goal status, deadline and completion percentage. You can then rate them and provide feedback to acknowledge if employees are meeting expectations.

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Goals included in employee performance review form

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Performance Appraisals

Discuss employees’ ongoing performance, achievements and growth.

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360 Degree Feedback

Manage your entire 360° feedback process efficiently.

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Instant Feedback

Empower employees to share positive and constructive feedback.

Instant feedback empowers employees to achieve goals and OKRs