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Keep employees engaged and boost productivity with the right performance management system.

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A performance management system your team will love

Provide employees with regular, timely and comprehensive feedback with Primalogik.


Create a happier workplace

When people are happy, productivity goes up! Keep employees motivated and engaged by promoting a positive work environment. Provide ample feedback, be honest and transparent, set clear goals and help employees grow.


Truly develop your people

Uncover blindspots easily with 360 degree feedback. Train employees to improve on their shortcomings. Give constructive feedback, praise good work, provide clear performance metrics and create effective development plans.


A fair process for everyone

Get a balanced view of people’s overall contribution by collecting feedback from multiple sources. Use analytics to spot potential bias. Give employees the opportunity to freely discuss their thoughts and opinions through anonymous surveys.

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Boost productivity and engagement

At Primalogik, we believe that when employees are happy, organizations thrive. Our solution is designed to help companies focus on their employees’ professional and personal growth. We provide top-notch features that help foster meaningful conversations between managers and employees, and measure overall workforce happiness.

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Why our clients love Primalogik

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Chad Bauer

Sr. HR Business Partner, iStreamPlanet Co., LLC

Primalogik has allowed us to shift our culture to one that embraces transparency and feedback. We still have work to do, but utilizing Primalogik has allowed us to place the cornerstone for the foundation of this culture change.

Alex Chan

Sensiba San Filippo LLC

Once we got onto Primalogik, the time required for each review went from 4 – 8 hours to 15 minutes. Everyone was more enthusiastic about doing the evaluations and putting forth good information.

Discover the key features of our HR software

These essential features will help you better manage your employees’ overall performance.

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360 Degree Feedback

Get a complete view of employees’ strengths and find areas for potential improvement by collecting feedback from peers, managers, direct reports and subordinates.


Performance Reviews

Build and launch performance reviews with self and manager assessment to reflect on people’s individual performance, achievements and growth.


Goals and OKRs

Increase motivation, task engagement and productivity by setting clear goals and objectives. View both individual and team progress to make sure everyone stays on track.


Instant Feedback

Keep people engaged by encouraging regular feedback. Praise individuals on good work and share constructive criticism in real-time.


Engagement Surveys

Gain better insight of employees’ experience before taking new initiatives to improve organizational culture. Collect their honest feedback by launching anonymous surveys.


Analytics & Reporting

Access dynamic and easy to understand reports. Filter through employees’ performance data and get actionable insights. Compare results over time to efficiently track everyone’s growth and develop relevant action plans.

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Essential Performance Management Solutions for Today’s HR

The right software solutions can take your organization to the next level in performance management. They play an especially critical role in the remote workplace. As organizations around the globe increasingly work remotely, every HR department should be exploring how these solutions can enhance their organization’s performance.

This ebook will introduce you to leading HR solutions that are essential for today’s managers, helping them accurately track and support employee progress.

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