Instant Feedback

Exchange feedback – instantly.

Let everyone know where they stand by sharing positive and constructive feedback in real-time.

Instant feedback
share feedback

Share feedback in the moment

Praise a colleague on a job well-done or let them know what they could have done better. With instant feedback, everyone will gain a stronger understanding of what they’re doing well and how they can improve — without having to wait until their next review.

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Forge stronger relationships

Boost your entire organization’s morale by providing frequent and consistent feedback. By sharing useful insights right away, you’ll create a workplace filled with more cohesive teams that are getting accurate and dependable feedback all year long.

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stronger relationships
tracking feedback

Keep track of important feedback

Select the appropriate visibility when sharing feedback with colleagues and add relevant tags related to a specific project, team, or individual. Search your feed to quickly find important exchanges that can help shape performance reviews.

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Performance Appraisals

Discuss employees’ ongoing performance, achievements and growth.

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360 Degree Feedback

Manage your entire 360° feedback process efficiently.

360 feedback

Goals and Objectives

Boost employee engagement and maximize results with goal setting.

Goals and objectives