Performance Reviews

Deliver meaningful performance reviews

Discuss employee’s ongoing performance, achievements and growth during light check-ins and performance appraisals.

Manager sitting at a table discussing performance review with employee
An employee and their manager having a conversation

Build a stronger manager-employee relationship

One on one meetings between managers and employees provide an opportunity to discuss ongoing projects, provide guidance on career goals and answer immediate questions. Primalogik offers managers the right set of features to help keep track of employees’ performance over time, from light check-ins to performance appraisals.

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Foster meaningful conversations between managers and employees

Primalogik offers various features to help managers provide ample feedback, ensure fairness, keep track of individual goals and help employees grow over time.

Performance review tools in Primalogik with feedback and goal tracking

Custom Questionnaires

Create different question forms whether conducting formal appraisals or check-ins. Give managers the flexibility to build their own questionnaires for their 1-on-1 meetings.

Manager Journal

Save private notes on subordinates to track important events throughout the year. Pull these notes up while filling out your reviews to ensure fairness and completeness.


Create light-weight questionnaires for your 1-on-1 meetings. Discuss ongoing performance, provide constructive feedback and keep everyone aligned on their goals.

Appraisal Workflow

Define the steps to follow for each assessment. You can launch a self-review followed by a manager review, both simultaneously or simply request a manager review.

Goals Evaluation

Evaluate an employee’s goal progress by including them in the appraisal process. Existing goals for each individual can be rated directly on your questionnaires.


Have employees, managers and HR sign off on performance reviews when necessary. Additional comments discussed during the review can be included and saved prior to signing.

Better understand people’s performance metrics with Primalogik

Create an environment where everyone benefits. Get useful insights on how each employee performs, how team members distinguish themselves, and keep track of managers’ rating styles.

Visual representation performance progress for two employees with a 93% indicator

  Score History

Track key performance metrics from one review cycle to another. Easily view employees’ progress over time by generating their individual score history reports.

  Results Comparison

Compare team member’s evaluation to get a better sense of how every employee is performing. Quickly distinguish everyone’s unique skill sets to help strengthen teams.

  Assessment Bias

Compare different managers’ rating styles to ensure fairness across the organization. View each manager’s lowest, highest and median score for all appraisals completed.

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Goals and Objectives

Boost employee engagement and maximize results with goal setting.

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Instant Feedback

Empower employees to share positive and constructive feedback.

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