360 Degree Feedback

Gain valuable insights with 360 degree feedback

Collect reliable data with 360 degree feedback from multiple sources. Easily identify key strengths, uncover blindspots, and find areas for potential growth.

A 360 degree feedback report with invaluable inisght for the employee

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Provide meaningful feedback

A 360 degree feedback review helps paint the most complete picture of an employee’s overall performance, and behaviour at work. It provides clarity on what skills they need to strengthen and what they are most valued for from their peers, direct reports, managers and other colleagues.

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360 degree feedback supports professional growth

Build the best development plan for every team member based on their 360 degree feedback survey results. Focus on the areas that need the most improvement and measure progress over time by comparing results from different review cycles.

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A process tailored to your 360 degree feedback needs

Primalogik makes it simple to create a unique 360 feedback process. Our users have the flexibility to build custom questionnaires, choose their rating scales and select the preferred level of anonymity.

Customizable 360 degree feedback questionnaire in Primalogik


Create as many questionnaires as necessary for your organization.Use sample questionnaires, copy questions from the gallery or add custom rating, multiple choice and open-ended questions.

  Rating Scales

Choose the right rating scale for your 360 feedback surveys, using anywhere from a 3-point to a 10-point scale. You can also customize the labels and add N/A options when necessary.


Compare different managers’ rating styles to ensure fairness across the organization. View each manager’s lowest, highest and median score for all appraisals completed.

Manage your entire 360 degree feedback process efficiently with Primalogik

View the progress of all ongoing surveys directly from Primalogik. Keep track of participant rates and let us take care of sending automatic email reminders.


Tools to manage 360 degree feedback process in Primalogik

Launching Surveys

Launch surveys individually or use our batch launch option to notify participants in a single email of the surveys they need to complete.


Custom Emails

You can easily customize email content to include details about your company’s 360 degree feedback process, tips or clarifications about how the feedback will be used.


Automatic Reminders

As a survey deadline approaches, participants who have not yet submitted their feedback will receive automatic email reminders from the App.


Suggesting Participants

Give employees the opportunity to request 360 degree feedback from additional coworkers. Activate an approval workflow if needed.


Real-Time Tracking

Primalogik keeps track of participation rates and lets you see the number of surveys completed by each individual.


Nudge Reminders

At any given time, HR admin scan send additional reminders to users who haven’t submitted their responses yet.

Get clear and concise 360 degree feedback results

Survey results can be viewed instantly and analyzed from different angles. You can easily leverage 360 degree feedback data to better understand and help improve employee performance.


360 degree feedback survey report in Primalogik

Survey Results

For each survey question, view the rating averages per respondent group and compare it with your employees’ self-ratings. This will help identify blindspots and shape an employee’s development plan accordingly.

Comparison Mode

Primalogik lets you bench mark an employee’s 360 degree feedback survey results against other coworkers. By comparing average scores, you can easily see where people are most performant and what they need to improve on.

Assessment Bias Report

With Primalogik, you can easily identify bias patterns to be corrected. Our assessment bias report shows a respondent’s lowest, highest and median score for all 360 degree feedback surveys completed.

Why our clients love Primalogik

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Chad Bauer

Sr. HR Business Partner, iStreamPlanet Co., LLC

Primalogik has allowed us to shift our culture to one that embraces transparency and feedback. We still have work to do, but utilizing Primalogik has allowed us to place the cornerstone for the foundation of this culture change.

Alex Chan

Sensiba San Filippo LLC

Once we got onto Primalogik, the time required for each review went from 4 – 8 hours to 15 minutes. Everyone was more enthusiastic about doing the evaluations and putting forth good information.

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