Opinion Surveys

Develop a feedback-oriented culture

Conduct regular employee surveys to know how people feel about their job, the organization’s policies and its programs.

Colleagues analyzing employee surveys results
Happy employees at work completing an opinion survey

Build a happier workplace

Opinion surveys provide a high level of insight into employees’ needs and concerns. It allows you to address rising issues in a timely manner, making sure your organization always strives to offer the best working environment.

When employees see that surveys can genuinely improve the organizational culture, they’ll value the opportunity to take them. This will allow you to build stronger ties with employees while boosting engagement and retention rates.

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Collect valuable insights from employees

Design and launch surveys to collect valuable feedback from employees. Analyze responses to identify how happy employees are with their current tasks, company policies and programs.

Design Your Surveys

Create surveys using custom rating, multiple choice and open-ended questions to better understand how employees feel about their job, the company and its policies.

Collect Anonymous Feedback

Decide if HR admins can identify survey respondents or collect anonymous answers from employees to get their honest opinions on work-related issues.

Select Participants

Launch surveys for the entire organization or for a specific group to get more targeted insights on ongoing projects, team dynamics and more.

View Results

View the results of opinion surveys in one single report. See how many people responded and explore the average ratings for each question.

Take Action

Analyze responses to identify key factors that influence employee satisfaction. Take action and let employees know how you will address important issues in a timely manner.

Highlight Improvements

Compare results of surveys overtime to measure the impact of new initiatives set to improve organizational culture.

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Manager discussing opinion survey and performance review with employee

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Goals and objectives in addition to 360 degree feedback

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Employee empowered by positive feedback from colleagues