5 Ways Transparent Feedback Makes for a Better Workplace

Aug 18, 2015 | Employee Engagement, Real-time Feedback

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Embracing transparency in feedback is essential if you want a secure and committed workforce. While transparency in respect of customers is popular among businesses, it can be easy to forget about being transparent to your employees. 

This is where transparent feedback comes in. Feedback is a crucial part of managing employee performance. Therefore it’s important that your feedback processes are as successful as they can possibly be.

If you’re looking for an easy way to cultivate transparent feedback, consider using 360-degree feedback software as part of your employee performance management process. It’s something that everyone gets involved in, so no one person feels either singled out or that they’re the only one making their feelings known. 360-degree feedback means that it’s not just top down feedback. Managers are also getting feedback from their direct reports. It’s a great way of making sure that strengths and weaknesses across the entire organization are examined.

5 Benefits of Transparent Feedback

1. It Builds Trust

Trust is so important in the workplace, both for the wellbeing of employees and for overall performance. Employees that trust their peers, managers, direct reports and the organization as a whole are more likely to feel secure and committed to the business. From trust come better relationships between managers and employees, and within teams. 

2. It Boosts Employee Engagement

The more engaged your employees are, the more productive they’ll be and the better it will be for your business. Fully engaged employees are superior in so many ways. They have higher belief in their work and lower absence rates. They also make your business an all-around better place to work! 

3. It Encourages Problem Solving

Employees who are willing and able to put their problem solving skills into action are a great benefit to any business. Through transparent feedback, employees come to learn more about themselves and each other. They feel empowered to solve problems themselves, or even look at issues with their own performance. 

4. In Makes Better Leaders

A common complaint among employees is that they feel there is a lack of leadership and management skills in their superiors, whether that’s the case or not. 360-degree feedback software lets management personnel get feedback from their direct reports. It will give them new perspectives on their own performance and help them to grow as a leader.  

5. It Leads to Higher Levels of Performance

Think about the four benefits we’ve already discussed: Higher levels of trust, engaged employees, more problem solving skills and better leaders. Doesn’t that sound like a better workplace already? These positive aspects all lead to better performance all around, as employees are happier and more fulfilled in their roles. 

When you’re looking at different ways of managing employee performance, there will always be a need for constructive and regular feedback to allow for successful performance management. Now you can add transparent to the list of feedback essentials, and you’re sure to see the different in your workforce.

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