How can you measure your organization’s health when the results are fragmented?

Lauren Davis is the VP Marketing at Kinsa, an industry leader when it comes to creating smart thermometers. The company turned to Primalogik when looking for a new performance management platform that could handle both anonymous employee pulse surveys and 360-degree reviews.

The Challenge

Kinsa is an industry leader when it comes to creating smart thermometers, but how do the people in charge of making sure your reading is accurate take the temperature of their company climate?

Lauren and Brittany from Kinsa were charged with doing just that, both from an internal point of view by running employee surveys, and by doing semi annual reviews from an executive level. Both Lauren and Brittany quickly found that relying on free tools like Google surveys was a fragmented processes, so they decided to search for a more consolidated process.

The Solution

During one of their anonymous surveys, Lauren and Brittany learned that people felt they weren’t getting enough feedback, which is what led to the duo seeking a tool that would implement 360º surveys into their existing processes and annual reviews. With the help of Primalogik, Kinsa was able to consolidate the existing anonymous pulse surveys they were running with the more comprehensive 360º results that Primalogik provided.

“We’re able to keep better track of things over time. Are we improving in the areas we’ve marked, on both an individual and a corporate level? We can see where we were 3 months ago and where we are now, but we can also dive into whether we’ve actually improved on the rating beyond just looking at the number itself.”

The Primalogik Advantage

“We evaluated a ton of solutions,” said Lauren Davis, VP of Marketing at Kinsa, “and we found that even the more expensive products seemed to not do a great job with both handling anonymous employee pulse surveys and also 360º reviews. Some were great at one but not the other, but Primalogik was great at both!”

About Kinsa

Kinsa is an industry leader when it comes to creating smart thermometers


Industry: Healthcare technology

Location: San Francisco (CA), USA

Company Size: 25-50 people

“Primalogik has saved us a ton of time and has given us a better understanding of where our employees excel the most, and our completion rate is consistently at 99% – 100%.”

Lauren Davis

VP Marketing, Kinsa

How we helped Kinsa 

— Gain a better understanding of where employees’ excel the most

—  Handle anonymous employee pulse surveys and 360-degree reviews