The 7 Most Important New Year’s Resolutions for HR in 2020

Dec 12, 2019 | HR Trends

Making carefully considered new year’s resolutions brings many benefits–like helping you prepare to respond to current changes and trends in HR. Because the field is quickly adapting to new tools that are sweeping HR, it’s especially important to set resolutions as we enter the next decade. Read on to learn about seven key resolutions that will help ensure a smooth and prosperous year. 

Set clear goals.

In 2020, focus on setting and following through on goals. Create them with the rest of your HR team, giving everyone in the department a chance to weigh in on the goals so they’ll all feel invested. Make sure to articulate what success looks like, presenting key benchmarks and indicators that you’ve achieved a goal. Throughout the year, review your goals at quarterly meetings so they’ll stay fresh in everyone’s mind.

Focus on one-on-one interaction.

Creating a great employee experience means tailoring training and support to the individual employee’s needs. Thus, supervisors should sit down for frequent one-on-one meetings with their direct reports–and HR managers can do this as well. Here are a few key benefits that will bring:

  • Find out how employees learn best as you get to know them one-on-one.
  • Build strong relationships that make employees feel comfortable asking you questions.
  • Provide personalized coaching and support that will help each person thrive. 

You’ll see your team growing stronger when everyone receives support that’s tailored to their needs.

Emphasize human skills.

The liberal arts major is making a comeback in a big way, Inc. reports. While recent years have brought an emphasis on tech skills, the successful implementation of automated processes means that most employees don’t need a tech degree. Thus, soft skills like these are moving back into the spotlight:

  • Communication
  • Critical thinking 
  • Team-building
  • Creative thinking

When hiring people, look for the human skills that will prove most vital in the role–and work to cultivate them in your existing employees.

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Show employees the value they bring.

The ability to create a meaningful employee experience is key in 2020. Showing employees why you value them plays a vital role in boosting their job satisfaction and making them feel proud to work for your company. Tell each employee the specific qualities you value in him and where you’ve seen him grow the most. You’ll keep morale high and ensure employees have the confidence to keep improving.

Use quality reporting to back your decisions.

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Detailed analytics make it easy to base your choices on measurable data. Leverage reports on employee performance, employee opinion surveys, and 360-degree feedback to make the best possible decisions. If you’re just beginning to integrate these tools into your department, appoint different HR team members with the task of learning how to use a given tool and explaining its value to the team. 

Promote inclusive leadership.

Expecting change to flow exclusively from the top down feels disempowering to employees while putting too much pressure on leaders. Instead, work to empower all employees to become leaders. Encouraging them to take initiative to grow their leadership skills in ways such as these:

  • Taking the reins on a project.
  • Trying out a new solution.
  • Leading a meeting.
  • Mediating a conflict.
  • Mentoring others.

Helping employees develop their interpersonal skills through training and coaching will boost their success in these efforts.

Focus on reskilling.

Many employees’ jobs are bound to be affected by automation. Whether it gives them more time that they need to learn how to use productively or eliminates key aspects of their role completely, reskilling will keep them as high-performing as possible. Work with employees to re-clarify their changing role, highlighting which priorities they should be focusing on. Then, equip them with the training and tools to thrive in their shifting role. 

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HR staff need to update their own skill sets, as well. In 2020, resolve to invest in updating your department’s skills by honing your expertise in ways that will continue contributing to the success of the organization, the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) advises. Here are a few ideas:

  • Taking courses in business finance.
  • Becoming a compliance expert.
  • Honing your ability to train others.

Understanding the company’s business strategy inside and out will also make you invaluable to your company, SHRM asserts.

With these resolutions in hand, your team will thrive throughout the new year. Go over your resolutions as a group, so everyone will understand their importance. Create a poster outlining your HR department’s resolutions, too, and display it somewhere prominent. That way, your resolutions will stay front-and-center in all staff members’ minds!

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