Introducing uncomplicated Performance Appraisals

Feb 3, 2014 | Performance Management, Primalogik Updates

At Primalogik we’re constantly improving our service, making it better and easier to use on each iteration. Our main goals: build the best performance management solution and help organizations recognize, motivate and develop their employees and leaders. Today we’re adding a brand new tool with those goals in mind.

Introducing uncomplicated Performance Appraisals

Today we’re announcing the addition of a new Performance Appraisals module. We’re making performance appraisals simple and lightweight. Our simple approach encourages frequent reviews. We believe the process does not need to be heavyweight and complicated and happen only once a year.

Employee performance appraisals
Performance appraisals in 3 easy steps

Keep it simple. Review often.

The performance appraisal “season” does not need to be that time of the year dreaded by employees and managers alike. People dislike the performance appraisal processes mostly when they are overly complicated, time consuming and performed only once a year focusing on behavior from the past.

Employees really enjoy and value regular, timely feedback from their managers. Our lightweight process is an incentive to exactly that: regular appraisals and timely feedback. Primalogik 360 simplifies the appraisal. It only takes three simple steps:

  • Step 1: Employee self-evaluation.
  • Step 2: Manager assessment.
  • Step 3: Results sharing.

Reminders and status updates make sure everyone involved knows what’s the next step. The new module integrates seamlessly with our existing 360-degree feedback module.

You can try it out right now!

See the press release: Primalogik launches new Performance Appraisal solution

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