31 Questions for a Well-Designed Employee Survey

Août 20, 2020 | Employee Engagement

Are you trying to design an employee survey that gives you insight into what your team wants and needs? Great survey questions give you a deeper understanding of how your employees perceive your organization and how you can best support them. Read on for 31 great employee survey questions that will help you get to know your talent better, enhance their growth, and make sure they are satisfied with the benefits provided to them. 

For practicality’s sake, it’s best to use primarily questions with rating scales and multiple-choice questions which allow you to quickly see average scores and trends. However, having a few open-ended questions can allow you to gain more detailed input on certain topics. Avoid yes/no questions, as they don’t give you a full picture of employees’ feelings about the issue at hand.

Work engagement

Learn how employees feel about their job roles and their ability to perform at their best.

Rating questions

All rating questions in this article can have the following potential rating scale:

Strongly disagree – Disagree – Neither agree nor disagree – Agree – Strongly agree  – N.A.

  1. I have the chance to use my own ingenuity in my work.
  2. I fully understand my job responsibilities.
  3. I’m able to focus and work productively in my workspace.

Multiple-choice questions

Sample answers are presented below each question.

  1. How do you feel about what you’ve accomplished over the past year?
    • I’m not sure what I’ve achieved.
    • I’ve made some progress, though I wish it were a bit more.
    • I feel thrilled about my achievements.
  1. How do you feel when you arrive at the office in the morning?
    • I’m already exhausted and can’t wait to get home.
    • I feel moderately motivated and energized.
    • I’m eager to begin my work and enthusiastic about my current projects.
  1. How often do you feel stressed out on the job?
    • I’m highly stressed on a daily basis.
    • I feel stressed at least once or twice a week.
    • I experience stressful situations from time to time, but I manage stress well, so it doesn’t build up.

Open-ended questions

  1. How does your role connect to the broader organizational vision?

Training and development

Find out whether your employees feel they have the support needed to continue growing. 

  1. Do you have access to training opportunities that can benefit your growth?
  2. What role does your boss play in encouraging your growth?
  3. Do you have mentors in your workplace who give you support and advice?
  4. Over the past six months, what types of learning opportunities have you engaged in?
  5. How did these opportunities affect your growth?
  6. Do you have the opportunity to share your own knowledge and skills with others?
  7. What additional developmental opportunities would you like to have?


Understand how your employees perceive communication in your workplace.

  1. Is your organization transparent about the decisions it is making and the reasons for them?
  2. Does your team collaborate effectively on projects?
  3. Is conflict resolved quickly and effectively in your workplace?
  4. How often does your boss provide constructive feedback?
  5. How often does your manager share appreciation for your work?
  6. If you could improve one thing about communication in your workplace, what would it be?

PRO TIP: Adding a rating scale or multiple-choice answers to these questions will help you to quickly see average scores and trends. Avoid yes/no questions and always include an open-ended question in each category, giving employees the chance to express their feelings about specific topics.

Compensation and benefits

Gain insights on your employees’ level of satisfaction with their benefits and pay. 

  1. Does your organization encourage you to use your vacation time?
  2. Are you receiving equal opportunities in your workplace regardless of race or gender?
  3. How satisfied do you feel with the benefits offered by your organization?
  4. Do you feel you receive adequate compensation for your work and abilities?
  5. If you could have another benefit, what would you choose?

Workplace culture

These questions about company culture will help you understand whether your organizational environment provides a supportive place to work.

  1. Do you have strong relationships with your coworkers?
  2. Does your organization’s mission align with your personal values?
  3. Does your organization celebrate its victories?
  4. What type of response do you get from others after a big achievement?
  5. How often do you take work home?
  6. If you could describe your team in three words, what would they be?

Through this balanced list of questions, you’ll learn where to focus on making improvements this year. Work with managers to implement changes where needed, providing plenty of advice and direction. By showing how much you value employees’ feedback, you’ll become a stronger, more effective team.

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