The Value of 360-Degree Feedback for Employees

Sep 19, 2019 | 360 Degree Feedback

Have you ever wondered if you really know what your coworkers think about your job performance? Or, have you considered whether your direct reports might have suggestions about how you could become a better leader?

If so, like most employees, you would probably benefit from a 360-degree review. It will give you clarity on what skills you need to strengthen and what your colleagues value most about you. 

What is a 360 review?

The 360-degree review delivers a level of feedback that most employees don’t typically receive from all of their colleagues. Simply put, it’s a performance evaluation that solicits feedback from a wide range of people who work with an employee. On a one-on-one basis, the reviewer asks for this feedback from managers, coworkers, subordinates, and anyone else who regularly works or interacts with that person. By doing so, the 360-degree review can provide a thorough and accurate understanding of the employee’s strengths and weaknesses, serving as a valuable tool in performance management.

The feedback you’ll gain from a 360 review can give you a much clearer perspective of how to boost your job performance and achieve your career goals and objectives. Think of the 360 review as a way to jumpstart your career success, helping you determine how to reach the next level of your career and ultimately increase the fulfillment you get from your work. Read on to learn more about how you can benefit from a 360-degree feedback program!

Five ways the 360 review can benefit your career

Gain a complete picture of how you perform.

A well-structured 360-degree feedback program gives you a strong understanding of how people throughout your organization view your performance. Whereas feedback from one boss can be subjective, the 360 review can provide a more objective understanding of your performance. In other words, it eliminates individual bias, giving you a fuller understanding of your performance than a single viewpoint could provide. By bringing a diverse range of viewpoints together, the 360 review shows you how you contribute to your organization’s success and where you need to improve.

Identify areas of your career to strengthen.

A performance review can help employees identify potential blind spots that they need to focus on. For example, a new leader might learn that while he has excelled as a project manager, he needs to communicate the company vision and strategy more effectively. When people transition from one role to another, they often need in-depth guidance about how to excel in the new position or how to prepare for it. By identifying areas to work on, the 360 performance review gives them the insight they need to work toward a promotion or become more effective in their current role.

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Highlight things you’re already good at.

Employees are often not fully aware of their strengths and how to leverage them. With a little encouragement, they can take on greater responsibility in ways that make use of their greatest strengths—and further enhance them. Plus, they can speak more confidently about their abilities when talking with managers, leaders, and coworkers, giving them more access to such opportunities. (That’s a win-win for everyone as the organization gains stronger leaders!)

Ensure anonymity.

People tend to get less feedback rather than more of it as they advance through the ranks. Subordinates often feel hesitant to give leaders feedback about their performance, so their leaders don’t truly know what others think of them. Performance reviews give people a chance to give (and receive) anonymous feedback, so they don’t need to be afraid to speak their mind about how people with more power in the organization are performing. That means you’ll gain honest, candid feedback from your direct reports and team members. 

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Assuring employees that feedback will remain completely anonymous will deliver results that spark real growth. Primalogik offers a 360-review tool that will help you solicit thorough, honest, and anonymous feedback from peers, managers, subordinates and direct reports.

Keep you up-to-date on your progress.

Feedback can greatly benefit employees in their careers. Most employees change jobs at least several times throughout their lives. Getting detailed feedback through a 360 review can help you to better understand your progress, strengths, and areas for improvement. This valuable feedback will help you to grow your professional skills, negotiate a promotion, make your abilities known, and set new goals and objectives.

After receiving their performance review, employees should have the opportunity to work with a coach or manager to create a plan of action. A skilled leader or coach can help you make sense of the feedback, determine which areas to focus on, and decide what steps you need to take to grow. With that support, you will become more competent and confident as you utilize the input from your 360 review! 

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