More predictable and affordable pricing

Sep 23, 2013 | Primalogik Updates

We’re constantly improving our 360-degree feedback solution. We release changes almost weekly, including new features, bug fixes and minor improvements. But today we’re introducing an improvement of a different nature. We’re overhauling our pricing model and making our pricing much better.

Better, more predictable, more affordable

Today we’re introducing four new plans (Basic, Small, Medium and Large) that replace our per user/month Pro plan. The new plans are now available on our pricing page. Check them out!

What’s the big difference?

The main difference is that instead of paying for each individual user, you pay a flat monthly fee for a set users. For example, the Medium plan allows you to have up to 150 users for $299/month. It does not matter if you have 90 users or 120 user, you will still pay $299/month. This allows you to grow your team or launch 360s on a new team without worrying too much about how much you will pay next month. Only if you need to go over 150 users you would upgrade to the next plan.

Reasons behind these changes

There are several reasons, the most important ones being:

  1. Pricing is more predictable. You know how much you will pay each month.
  2. Pricing scales better with our client’s growth.
  3. We can accommodate the need for annual plans. Some clients want to pay for 12 months in advance. Annual plans are easier to to expense and easier to budget for.

Other Plans

We also offer flat monthly fee plans for organizations with more that 250 users and a free plan for small groups of 10 users or less.

Do you want to try Primalogik 360? You can sign up for a free trial account now.

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