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On Demand: Using 360 Reviews for Better Results

But Performance Management Webinar Description

During the pandemic, many organizations set their performance management programs to the side. Perfectly understandable under the circumstances. But it’s a new year and with positive vaccine news, organizations need to refocus on employee performance. This performance management webinar provides valuable insight on how to do so.

Instead of viewing the “scaling back” of performance management programs as a challenge, maybe organizations should view it as an opportunity. There’s been talk for ages about reinventing performance management. Now is the time. And the first step is to think about including 360 reviews as part of the process.

Benefits of 360 Reviews

360 reviews require co-workers to give their views on how an employee works within a team. They shed light on how a team is performing. They also show where there’s room for improvement. This goes for individuals, as well as the team as a whole. Managers may also learn how to better gauge their leadership efforts.

This performance management webinar will help you in getting all you can out of your 360 review strategy. Work culture is changing. 360 review programs provide key insights. In turn, these insights may help your business grow. But don’t forget, this is only one component of a sound performance management plan. It’s an integral part of continuous employee growth. That said, there are more ways to encourage your workforce to reach their potential.

Join the Primalogik team and Sharlyn Lauby, author of the blog HR Bartender, to discuss how to introduce 360 Reviews into existing performance management programs and what kind of results to expect.


  • What are 360 Reviews and why they are a necessary part of performance management
  • How 360 Reviews can effectively work with traditional performance reviews
  • Where performance management programs can create positive outcomes for the company
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