Transforming Performance Management at VanillaSoft:
A Success Story

In the fast-paced world of sales enablement platforms, standing out requires innovative technology and a highly motivated and efficiently managed team. This is the challenge that VanillaSoft, a leading sales enablement platform, faced as it continued to grow and scale its operations. Enter Marie-Pierre Linttell, the Director of HR and Talent Acquisition at VanillaSoft, who spearheaded the transformation of their performance management process with the help of Primalogik.

Implementing an employee performance review process

Upon joining VanillaSoft in 2019 as the company’s first HR hire, Marie-Pierre faced the significant task of establishing a structured employee performance review process amidst rapid company growth. The lack of an evaluation tool made facilitating consistent and constructive performance assessments across the organization difficult.

Choosing Primalogik

VanillaSoft was introduced to Primalogik through a trusted recommendation from a business contact. Primalogik stood out for its ease of setup and management, directly addressing the primary challenge of engaging managers and employees in completing review forms efficiently.

Exceeding Expectations

With Primalogik, VanillaSoft transitioned to a more streamlined and effective performance review process. The platform’s features, such as automated reminders and clear deadlines, ensured full compliance and timely completion of performance reviews. This change led to a noticeable improvement in the management and execution of the performance review cycle, marking a significant success in VanillaSoft’s HR strategy.

The platform’s intuitive setup and the responsive support from Primalogik, particularly the immediate assistance from customer support in resolving issues, significantly exceeded VanillaSoft’s expectations. The ease of managing the platform and the quality of customer support provided a smooth and efficient operational experience.

Working with Primalogik

The professional interaction with Primalogik has made it a valued partner for VanillaSoft. The platform has become a critical component of the company’s performance management strategy, effectively supporting its growth and development goals.

Final Thoughts

VanillaSoft’s journey with Primalogik showcases the platform’s effectiveness in revolutionizing performance management processes. The seamless incorporation of Primalogik into VanillaSoft’s operations has not just met but surpassed their expectations, affirming its significant role in supporting their HR and talent management efforts.

About VanillaSoft

VanillaSoft is a technology company that helps sales teams maximize their deal flow and automate their sales cadence with their sales engagement platform.


Industry: Sales Technology

Location: Plano (TX) USA

Company Size: 93 people

“The platform is performant, the support is tremendous, and you have a peace of mind knowing that the performance reviews are well managed.

Marie-Pierre Linttell

Director of HR and Talent Acquisition, VanillaSoft

How we helped VanillaSoft

Digital Performance Reviews: Streamlined feedback process

Measurable Impact: Boosted evaluation completion rates

Excellent Support and Ease-of-Use: Easy setup and quick problem resolution