How Ducker Seamlessly Conducts Reviews on More Than 300 Projects Each Year

Like many businesses, Ducker performs mid-year and annual reviews for all their employees. But the most important aspect for the business is being able to provide timely feedback to employees on a project basis. Diane Dickinson, Director of Talent Management at Ducker is responsible for recruiting, onboarding and tracking employee performance. With over 300 projects realized each year, it was imperative that she found a performance management system like Primalogik that would allow the company to efficiently manage all their reviews.

A simple way to conduct project-based reviews

Before Primalogik, Ducker was using a different performance management platform which didn’t offer an easy way to conduct project-based reviews. “We want our employees to get timely feedback on a project basis – that’s just how we’ve organized giving feedback,” explained Diane, Director of Talent Management at Ducker. “Unfortunately, there were some limitations with our old system that made this whole process very complex. That’s why we turned to Primalogik. It was just so much easier.”

The company uses the performance appraisals module to conduct all their project reviews, as well as their mid-year and annual reviews. When asked about her first impressions of Primalogik, here’s what Diane had to say: “Immediately from a visual standpoint it was definitely more user-friendly and just simpler to look at. Our old system was just more cumbersome. I was just dreaming of having a system that would help me simplify the whole process for project-based reviews, and it’s definitely easy to do that in Primalogik.”

A seamless integration with BambooHR

Ducker also uses an HRIS called BambooHR and wanted a performance management system that would easily integrate with it, saving the company the hassle of entering the same information on both platforms. For Diane, the integration between Primalogik and BambooHR has been a huge success and has saved her a lot of time in the process.

The integration is seamless. Whatever you enter into BambooHR when you hire a new person carries on to Primalogik, including the job title, location and manager. And then if I make a change over in BambooHR, I don’t have to make it in Primalogik. It’s just so nice to not have to enter things twice!” explained Diane.

“With our previous system, I had to always update the information in both places. It’s a nightmare. And then you’re just relying on a lot of spreadsheets, and they’re outdated the minute you hit save.” shared Diane. “You’d have to fight me pretty hard to change anything right now because I don’t know why we would have two separate components.”

A customer service that exceeds expectations

When they first started using Primalogik, Ducker was very pleased with the platform as it offered all the features they needed. Diane also enjoyed how user-friendly the interface was. “The platform is pretty intuitive and easy, which is good. You don’t want a highly complex system, because you don’t do everything all the time. Some things you only do twice a year. So why do you want to have to work that hard to remember something?”

But for Diane, one of the main things that exceeded her expectations about Primalogik was the customer service. “Customer service has definitely exceeded my expectations,” said Diane. “I’ve done a couple of referral calls for Primalogik, and that’s always one of the first things I mention. I just love that you can chat right away. Whenever I have a question, I just send it over and there’s always someone at the other end ready to help me.”

Overall, the company is very happy with their use of Primalogik. The excellent customer service, seamless integration with BambooHR and the ease of launching project-based reviews have all contributed to creating a wonderful user experience for the entire team at Ducker.

About Ducker

Ducker is a premier research and consulting firm with over 60 years of experience.


Industry: Market research

Location: Troy (MI), USA

Company Size: 115 people

“I was just dreaming of having a system that would help me simplify the whole process for project-based reviews, and it’s definitely easy to do that in Primalogik.”

Diane Dickinson

Talent Manager, Ducker

How we helped Ducker 

— Conduct reviews for more than 300 projects each year

— Automatically sync employee information from BambooHR

— Offer amazing customer service