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    Create a unique performance management process that match your company’s needs. Help strengthen the relationship between managers and employees by providing them with the right tools.

    Track performance efficiently

    Set goals, launch reviews and track performance using a single platform.

    performance review manager employee to compliment 360 degree feedback review

    Develop top talents

    Compare results to easily identify key strengths and uncover blindspots.

    Goals and objectives in addition to 360 degree feedback

    Reduce employee turnover

    Provide ample feedback and set clear goals to keep employees engaged.

    Instant feedback along side 360 degree feedback

    Everything you need to manage employee performance

    Create a unique process to match your needs.

    Save time with automated workflows and notifications.

    Create custom questionnaires, emails and reminders.

    View the complete history of everyone’s performance.

    Keep your workforce engaged and connected.

    What our clients say …

    “A very intuitive & easy to use platform. The support that I get is always spot on, friendly and I get a response from them very quickly. Everyone likes using the platform and it has all the features that we need.”

    Nina Lomax 

    “This software has given us the ability to clarify, simplify and systematize our performance evaluation process, providing greater confidence and visibility to all participants.”

    Romina Turconi

    “Intuitive, easy to use, great value for $$ – saved so much time and energy – feedback from our staff was that they loved it – loved the different options for anonymity.”

    Candace G.

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