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3 Performance Management Strategies for a Hybrid Workplace

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A recent study from Boston Consulting Group shared that 89% of people expect their jobs to be partially remote after the pandemic1. This blend of onsite and remote work is being referred to by many as a hybrid workplace.

A big concern in creating and maintaining a hybrid workplace is performance management. Organizations want to know that employees are performing at a high level. And employees want to know their efforts are being noticed. 

Join Primalogik CEO Gabriel Dominguez Martin and Sharlyn Lauby, author of the blog HR Bartender for a discussion about creating performance management strategies for the onsite, remote, and hybrid workforce. 


  • The business reasons why hybrid work isn’t a passing fad
  • The current state of performance management and challenges facing the process
  • 3 Performance management strategies that work in a hybrid model
  • Implementation considerations for updating your performance management processes
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