Real-time collaboration with Instant Feedback

We’re pleased to announce the release of a new module within Primalogik 360 that we call Instant Feedback. 360 surveys are a great way to engage employees on a regular basis but what if there was a way to share comments and suggestions in real-time? With our Instant Feedback module you can do just that!

The Instant Feedback tool enables anyone in the organization to share feedback about any particular person (or group of people) without having to wait for a formal review process to be initiated. The goal is to give employees recognition that they deserve or to point out opportunities for improvement in a timely manner.

Enter your comments, choose a visibility setting and press “Save feedback.” Voila! Your feedback is instantly shared with the appropriate parties via email and will be displayed in the Instant Feedback stream on the dashboard.

To learn more about Instant Feedback and see how to enable this new module, take a look at this Support Center article.

Update Highlights – February & March 2017

In the last two months we’ve introduced several fixes and enhancements to a multitude of features. Here are some of the highlights:

  • It’s now possible to launch multiple 360° surveys in batch. Updating 360° surveys in batch has also been improved significantly.
  • Emails inviting participants to complete assessments can now be grouped and be sent all at once.
  • Administrators can customize the subject of emails (in addition to the body) sent by the application.
  • Share results without sharing text responses: In some cases, for example for extra anonymity, you may want to share only the average results for rating questions, and responses to multiple choice questions. You can now do that using a new option to hide text responses when sharing results. Read more…
  • An administrator can now upload profile pictures for any user. Before, individuals could only set their own profile picture.

For a full list of changes, take a look at the Release Notes page.

Goal tracking module

The all new goal tracking module allows you to track goals, objectives and OKRs right inside Primalogik 360. Employees, managers and HR can collaborate in goal setting and progress tracking throughout the year. Goals are easily accessible during performance appraisals.

For more details, take a look at this article: How do I keep track of Goals and Objectives?